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“In search of my mother's garden, I found my own.”

- Alice Walker

Meet the Vintners: J. Moss Wines

J. Moss Wines is a small family wine business established in 2000 by James and Janet Moss. James Moss moved to California in 1998 from Dallas, Texas where he first was introduced to fine wines working for a large Texas distributor. His work often brought him to the Napa Valley for further education, winery tours and tasting. That is when he began to fall in love with the industry and had the desire to produce his own fine wine that he could share with friends and family and eventually all wine lovers.

James Moss’ career in winemaking began with helping out a friend at his small winery. This is where he learned the ropes of the business and soon realized the complexity and commitment it took to produce an award winning wine. He and his girlfriend Janet at the time, now wife, made their first barrel of wine from Merlot grapes grown on the Carneros property where they lived. With Janet’s degree in winemaking and James’ experience with Jessup Cellars, their experimental wine turned into a huge success and the J. Moss label was born.

Come and meet J. Moss Wines on Saturday February 23 at The Wine & Food Gala!

Learn more at jmosswines.com

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